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We are cleaning house and have come across many items that are new but have been either removed from their original packaging and no longer have that "New Smell"


WJ-Q22. This is a Premium 22 ton service jack at a very low cost! order yours today for the low price of $599.00

This Jack comes with a one piece handle

- 4 different saddles, 1" 2" 4" extensions as well as an adjustable screw extension.

Cast iron cylinder and reservoir for long lifre and duarbility

Steel Frame to stand up to the toughest environments.


FPL-2700 Ag Tire handler $1800.00

This is a must have for all agriculture dealers for servicing tires in the shop. make easy work of removing large tires while performing service work.

with a rating of 2700lbs your service personnel can easily remove or install tires from the equipment they are working on.

Large caster wheels

rollors to rotate the tire making it easy to install the tire

Adjustable height

safety hook to prevent tire from falling.

WJ-RJ6000 REDON.png

              AC GDD150U

                            $ 4620.00

Air hydraulic floor pit jack with traversing telescopic cylinder

Flexible pit jack for use in pit or under a lift

Traversing cylinder ensures a wide reach under the vehicle and enables

the mechanic to move freely back and forth in the pit

Ideal for dis- and remounting of gearboxes due to telescopic cylinder

Built-in manual foot pump for easy and precise adjustment

Rapid and precise air hydraulic unit with high speed ram travel up and


Base frame wheels fitted with bearings

for optimum manoeuvrability Spring loaded wheel support prevents

unintended movements



 The WJ-RJ6000  is a adjustable, 6000lbs jacking beam that can be made to fit ANY hoist. Comes with all attachments shown!!



GGD-F AS3 Gearbox - 300dpi CMYK.jpg
Wheel Ring Wheel Guard

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