Wheel Trollies

Wheel Trolleys

FPL 2700

Designed for effortless, fast and safe removal, handling and fitting of agricultural, industrial and commercial wheels from 39” to 87” diameter.

  • Lifting action is achieved using a 2-stage hydraulic pump, mounted inside the frame.  The wheel to be handled is lifted on two tables of rollers, one mounted on each leg. The hydraulic pump draws the legs together under the wheel so that the wheel is lifted by the rollers and a safety lock applied. The wheel is balanced securely using the integral wheel support before manoeuvering.

  • 2-speed hydraulic ram for quick and accurate adjustmentS

  • upport handle to assist with ease of maneuverability

  • Heavy duty caster wheels to enable ease of movement

  • Roller tables each with 4 rollers enable easy rotation of wheel for alignment to studs

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Wheel Trolleys

AC WT1500

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Wheel Ring Wheel Guard

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